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Gum Disease

For The Finest Gum Disease Treatments in Auckland

You Deserve Healthy Gums and a Fresh Mouth

If you are suffering form bleeding, sensitive or swollen gums, bad breath or loose teeth, it is the time to speak with Ti Rakau Dental. We can provide you with useful advice on how to brush and floss your teeth so that you avoid the buildup of plaque that can cause gum disease. At our fully equipped clinic in Auckland, we can cover all aspects of gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis. Through our treatments, you can reverse the damage done to your teeth. For a closer look at our services, we encourage you to read the information below.
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Tailoring a Plan To Fit You

The type of gum disease treatment you will receive depends on the stage of your infection and the amount of deterioration.
After taking x-rays, we will perform a thorough exam and take the time to discuss your treatment options.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-surgical treatment may be the right option for you, particularly if the amount of plaque and tartar is of a lesser level. 
Offering the options of scaling and root planning, we can remove harmful bacteria and irritants from deep beneath your gums and tooth roots. This will prevent plaque from accumulating again.

Surgical Treatment

Alternatively, we can provide surgical treatment for more serious cases, with the most common options being pocket reduction and bone regeneration.
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